❖ While there is no rule of thumb that makes it mandatory to appoint an immigration adviser to assist with your immigration application, by doing so an applicant can benefit significantly from the advice rather than tasteless consequences. This may even cause many of you to regret not hiring a consultant beforehand. It should be noted that Immigration procedures and policies are complex and constantly changing. We will evaluate your individual situation and provide an honest appraisal of your opportunity to successfully obtain an Visa in Malaysia.


❖Working or Investing in a new country is like a life changing decision which leads to a fresh start in Life. On top of all, formalities of form filling, documentation, and others can be a complicated and time consuming. In unique individual circumstances an applicant may not fall within standard policy “parameters”. For these reasons growing number of applicants can easily transfer all burden of immigration procedures to DSC. How Dynamic can make it simple? We would ensure correct filing and submission of your forms from first step to the last.


❖Being in the industry for almost a decade and handling immigration cases on an everyday basis, we have a better insight into the Malaysia Immigration Laws. We have in-depth knowledge and problem-solving skills for cases of involving immigration matters; we can solve even most complicated cases easily. At the same time we save your time by choosing you the most appropriate Visa to apply for given your specific circumstances. There are higher chances of success since DSC can assist you with compiling and completing the necessary documents correctly. It will be much easier to apply as we can help you by managing the whole process including keeping track of the progress of your application with the Department of Immigration (Malaysia) we reduce the number of weeks it takes for the Visa / Permit to be approved compared to if you were to complete it yourself as we know the system well.


❖ Being immigration specialists DSC keep an eye on such changes and make sure those necessary adjustments are made in filling and submission of your documents accordingly which eliminates refusals and delays. We are one of the leading immigration consulting companies in Malaysia. We understand the risks involved and it is one of the most important decisions of your life.DSC is ready to offer you the smoothest and fastest services in relation to immigration