We have established ourselves as a “one stop solution company” and our lot of expertise are as appended below:

Work permit applications: Employment Pass / Professional Visa Pass
Dependent Pass for Expatriate Spouse & Children
Visit Pass (social) for Expatriates Parents & In-Laws
Permission to Study for Expatriates Children Below 18 Years Old
Employment/Dependent Pass Transfers From Old To New Passport
Special Pass/Cancellation of Visa
I-pass Application for Expatriates
Married to Local Visa & Permission to Work
Consultation on Company Incorporation in Malaysia
Expatriate Services Division (ESD) Registration with Immigration Malaysia
Wholesale Retail & Trade (WRT) License Application
Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) License/Approval
Representative Office/ Regional Office Approval (MIDA)
Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Supporting Letters for Expatriates
Application for manufacturing license
Tax incentive- pioneer status/ITA

Ministry of Home Affairs (MOH/KDN) Quota Approval for Labors
Labor Visa Application
Foreign Workers Centralized Management System (FWCMS) Registration
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Portal Registration
MSC Approval
Expatriates Domestic Helpers (MAID) Visa Application
Recruitment License Application
Local License from DBKL or MPSJ
Documents Translation or Certification Services
Overstay Clearance for Employment Pass/ Dependent Pass Holder
Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) Supporting Letters for Expatriates
Malaysia My Second Home Program Consultation
APEC Card Application
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Application Resident Pass Approval
Application for duty exemption